Monday, July 1, 2013

Our curriculum 2013/2014

(This post contains links to items I endorse and use with my homeschooling family.)

Happy Summer!
As we prepare to get our engines going for our new school year, I am excited to share what we'll be doing this time around. After much consideration and prayer, we've decided to do a more year-round approach to our school year. Although we still go with our grade reporting time frame required by our umbrella school, we will be schooling throughout the year to keep our learning more consistent. I have found that after 2 years of homeschooling (and 3 we did previously with our eldest child several years back), taking too long of a summer break meant frustration and stress once school came around again in August. We will be doing a more "Sabbath" type of schedule, which basically means 6 weeks on, 1 week off. This still leaves plenty of time for Fall break, Christmas break, and whatever other break you need to take when life happens. In all honesty, we all know that life happens more than not, so we're not keeping rigidly to this schedule so much that we're not flexible.

"Depend on the Lord in whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." (Proverbs 16:3, NCV)

God is so good and I'm so glad that He guides us with His direction and grace. I can make all the plans I like, but without Him, they are scattered to the wind. I cannot do anything without Him, and that's for sure! With that in mind, we will be starting this week with a few subjects, then full force next Monday. Our children will be in the following grades: DD 9th, DD 7th, and DS 4th. Our eldest graduated in June 2012, and he was home schooled during his earlier years, then again for his senior year. I definitely couldn't have done that without the Lord leading me to! Here is what we've been lead to use for our family this new year:

~ My Father's World: Rome to the Reformation
My Father's World: Ancient History & Literature
The Mystery of History II
Teaching Textbooks
Rod & Staff Spelling
~ IEW: Ancient History Writing Lessons
Apologia: Astronomy & Chemistry/Physics
~ Conceptual Physics (9th)
~ All-in-One English
~ English from the Roots Up 
~ A Child's Geography, volume 3
BJU Press Spanish I (high school)

We will also be adding a couple of reading assignments using the Progeny Press study guides, which we've used for my DD the last 2 years. We actually used MFW our first year of homeschooling and loved it, but decided to take a shot at piecing together curriculum on my own, which was not easy for me to say the least. After swimming those waters this past year, we are so happy to be back to MFW 100%, along with implementing what we did enjoy this past year, The Mystery of History! We will be using MOH to further incorporate our love of Biblical History along with MFW, which is already a sound and sturdy Bible-based study. That is one of the true beauties of homeschooling: we get to disciple our children on a daily basis!

I will be posting and sharing how we are going to organize our home school using our planners soon, so be sure to sign up to have my posts sent directly to your inbox. I will also be taking part in the My Father's World Blogroll over at Little Natural Cottage, so be sure to check it out and link up if you're also a MFW family. There will be lots of great sharing going on this year! What are you using this year? I'd love to hear what's working for you!


  1. I can't wait to see and hear about your set up! I love seeing what other homeschoolers use!!

    1. Thanks Melissa, I'm currently working on that!

  2. Going to link up to the blog roll now...thanks!

    1. Great, looking forward to seeing what you share with us. Thanks for visiting!

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